EasyRedir specializes in cross-domain redirects. To make these happen, you'll need to modify the DNS record for the domain you want to redirect and point it to our servers.

Before you get started, you must understand the following information: 

  1. You must own the domain and have the ability to change the DNS for it. 
  2. You must not be serving content on the domain you want redirects on - it will only be used for redirecting, not serving content. 
  3. You can not redirect anything to the same domain that your redirect is on (i.e. redirects must go to a different domain than the one the redirect lives on).

What's Next?

After setting up your redirect you'll need to configure the DNS record for the domain you want to redirect. Each provider is different, but we've compiled a list of links for various providers to show you how to do it.

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