Many different companies, non-profits, government agencies and individuals use EasyRedir to make setting up and managing cross-domain URL redirects simple.

While anyone can use EasyRedir, we find that we're particularly popular with a few main categories of people:

Startups and Technology Companies

We're quite popular with tech companies because we allow them to focus on their principal business activity and not get distracted setting up and managing infrastructure for non-core tasks. As a technology startup ourselves, we realize how important it is to focus our limited resources on stuff that matters to the business. We wouldn't be able to make EasyRedir work if it were not for the many SaaS products we use to make it happen.

Small & Medium Size Business

Small businesses, like technology startups, have limited resources and need to spend them wisely. Frequently, they do not have the in-house technical resources needed to set up website, URL redirects, etc. We do our best to make the often complicated business of setting up URL redirects as easy as possible.

Marketing Teams

Great marketing is being in the right place at the right time with the right message. Marketing teams need to be nimble and jump on opportunities, and need tools that help them get the job done easily and quickly. Telling the story is way more important than fussing with tech. We provide that easy-to-use bridge that links your brand domains to the tools you use to deliver the story. With that bridge in place, you can easily change out the back-end tools as needed to ensure you're getting the results you need.

Enterprise & Government

Getting in-house IT teams to provision URL redirection infrastructure is often a herculean, if not impossible task. These projects are often expensive and take a substantial amount of time to implement. EasyRedir helps many large enterprise or government customers move quickly, and at an extremely attractive price given the alternatives.

What's Next?

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