The terminology around the Domain Name System (DNS) can be quite confusing for most people. It's a very large topic, so we're only going to address the parts you need to be aware of to use EasyRedir.

To redirect a domain using EasyRedir, you need to change the DNS record for that domain and set it to information we'll give you when you create the redirect in EasyRedir. The picture below shows an example:

Depending on whether you're redirecting a domain apex or not, you will use either an A record or a CNAME record.

A record

You use an Address (i.e. A) record to redirect a domain apex. We need to use an A record for this due to restrictions in the DNS system that prevent the use of a CNAME for this type of domain entry. An A record maps a domain name to one or many IP addresses directly. At EasyRedir we provide two A records and recommend using them both for maximum reliability.

CNAME record

You use a Canonical Name record (i.e. CNAME) for all other types of domains that are not domain apexes. CNAMEs map a domain name to another domain name rather than an IP address. They are preferred by technical folks because they are more reliable and easier to scale versus an A record. Whenever possible, EasyRedir will direct you to use a CNAME record rather than an A record.

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