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What is a CNAME record?
What is a CNAME record?

Learn about CNAME records and when you should use one.

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There are many terms that are used within the Domain Name System (DNS). In order to use your EasyRedir account there are a few terms that you should be familiar with. One of the terms is the Canonical Name (i.e. CNAME) record. We will learn a bit more about it in this help article.

You use a Canonical Name record (i.e. CNAME) for all other types of domains that are not domain apexes. CNAMEs map a domain name to another domain name rather than an IP address. They are preferred by technical folks because they are more reliable and easier to scale versus an A record. Whenever possible, EasyRedir will direct you to use a CNAME record rather than an A record.

To redirect domains other than domain apexes using EasyRedir, you need to change the DNS record for that domain and set it to information we'll give you when you create the redirect in EasyRedir as shown below.

To learn more about other types of DNS records check out our articles on A records and TXT records. If you have any further questions we would be happy to help.

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