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What is a TXT record?
What is a TXT record?

Learn about TXT records and how you use them with EasyRedir.

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A Text (i.e. TXT) record is another term that is used in the Domain Name System (DNS). In order to use your EasyRedir account, you will need to have a general understanding of TXT records. You will learn the basics of TXT records in this help article.

DNS TXT records are most commonly used for email spam prevention and hostname ownership verification. At EasyRedir, our main use of the TXT record is for hostname ownership verification. TXT records help to verify hostname ownership by providing the owner with unique information that they must enter into their DNS provider to prove they control the hostname.

If you are prompted to add a TXT record to your DNS, you need to change the DNS record for that hostname and set it to information we'll give you when you create the redirect in EasyRedir as shown below.

To learn more about other types of DNS records check out our articles on A records and CNAME records. Any questions? Just let us know!

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