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Understanding your analytics email
Understanding your analytics email

Learn about EasyRedir’s emailed analytics reports and how to best use the data.

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Welcome to EasyRedir’s analytics emails. The purpose of these emails are to highlight your total traffic, hosts and lost requests at a quick glance. By keeping up-to-date with this information you can ensure you’re enabling your redirects to perform as expected while learning about important traffic. Taking advantage of your lost traffic and where that traffic is coming from can help you boost your SEO and increase revenue. We are here to help you grow your business through utilizing captured analytics in your EasyRedir dashboard.

When viewing your Analytics emails you will be shown the reporting period of the analytics in UTC time. Requests processed, hosts seen and lost requests totals are displayed along with the increases or decreases from the previous period. The differentiating color indicators make it easy to view the results of these increases and decreases with positive or neutral changes being indicated with green and negative changes being indicated with red.

Requests Processed, Hosts Seen and Lost Requests defined

What do we mean when we use these terms?

  • Requests Processed refers to the number of web requests our service has processed for you during the reporting period.

  • Hosts Seen shows the number of hostnames that EasyRedir has served traffic on during the reporting period.

  • Lost Requests shows the number of requests that returned a 404 Not Found to your audience because a redirect was not set up during the reporting period.

Why UTC time?

UTC is the primary time standard by which the world regulates clocks and time. By using UTC time we eliminate any confusion for teams in multiple time zones and also eliminate any potential confusion between standard and daylight savings times.

DNS Optimization

One of the first steps to get started with EasyRedir is to configure your DNS for URL redirects. If you are seeing the yellow error message below this means you have hostnames registered in EasyRedir, but the DNS of these hostnames have not been configured to match EasyRedir's recommended DNS values.

Wondering if your DNS configuration needs to be upgraded to our latest version? If you have configured your DNS with EasyRedir and are receiving the below error message you are likely pointed to our V1 redirector engine and we recommend moving to our V2. Read about the benefits to switching to EasyRedir’s V2 redirector edge network here.

Don’t see this section? Perfect! Then your hostnames have been configured and you’re already using our latest version so there is nothing to update here.

Top Lost Traffic URLs

This section of the analytics email displays requests for URLs that are being routed to EasyRedir but do not match any configured redirects or fallbacks for your account.

Your top 5 lost traffic URLs with number of requests will be displayed in the email along with a link that will take you to see all of your lost traffic.

Top Countries and Top Referrers

In this section, EasyRedir first provides an overview of the top 5 countries requesting URLs for your account along with a link that takes you back to your dashboard for a full list.

The top referrers section shows an overview of the top 5 top referring domains requesting URLs from your account. A link is provided at the bottom of the section which will take you back to your EasyRedir dashboard with your full list of referrer analytics.

Account Summary

The account summary provides you with a gauge of how many redirect destinations, source hostnames and team members you have used. Use this section to monitor your account limits and to best determine when to upgrade your account to suit your needs. Any upgrades can be managed in the EasyRedir dashboard through Settings > Change plans.

Our Guidance on Subscription Options

The EasyRedir Analytics email comes in three schedules:

  • Daily

  • Weekly

  • Monthly

The email timing is customizable to best suit your needs. We recommend keeping your emails on a daily schedule if you are just getting set up with EasyRedir, are actively working on a project that utilizes EasyRedir redirection services or you enjoy knowing how your company is doing on a daily basis.

As you become more comfortable with your normal traffic patterns you can decrease the frequency of emails to weekly or monthly emails. The team at EasyRedir recommends staying subscribed to the monthly emails at a minimum to ensure your account is performing how you would expect it to and to stay on top of lost requests.

How to Manage Your Notifications

When you sign up to EasyRedir as a new user you will automatically be subscribed to our weekly Analytics email. If you decide you would like more or less frequent email communication you can do so through your account by clicking on your initials in the top right corner, then selecting Account settings. Toggle over to the notifications tab, select your frequencies and click Update Subscriptions. You will be given the option to subscribe to emailed reports for every team that you’re a member of. These settings can be updated at any time and you can subscribe to one or more schedules at the same time if you wish.

Alternatively, your preferences can be controlled directly from the Analytics Report email near the bottom. Click on Manage your email subscriptions to select your preferred frequency.

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