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Configuring your DNS for URL redirects
Configuring your DNS for URL redirects

Learn how to change the A or CNAME record for the domain you're trying to redirect.

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EasyRedir specializes in URL redirects from any fully qualified domain name to another. To make these happen, you'll need to understand the prerequisites for using EasyRedir and then modify the DNS record for the domain you want to redirect and point it to our servers.

Who can change DNS records?

In order to change DNS records for a domain, you need to be able to login to your DNS hosting service. Sometimes this is the domain registrar you purchased the domain through (e.g. GoDaddy, etc.), and sometimes it's a dedicated DNS hosting service (e.g. NS1, etc.)

How do I change the DNS record?

Once you're logged in, the process to change the DNS record depends on your DNS host. Our dashboard will attempt to figure out who hosts your DNS and provide links to your DNS providers help pages for further support.

How do I find my DNS setup information?

You can find your DNS setup information through your dashboard by clicking on any source hostname that hasn't been configured yet. Your dashboard will automatically recommend DNS values based on the record type, but if you would like to see both the A and CNAME records available to you, you can click on the detailed DNS setup information link. Learn the difference between an A record and a CNAME record here.

Still not sure what to do?

Let us know if you still need assistance making changes to your DNS records. We'll do our best to guide you through the process.

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