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Technical help

Get to the bottom of technical issues impacting your use of EasyRedir.

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Understanding EasyRedir URL redirection processingLearn how EasyRedir's redirection engine processes your traffic.
How to export your source hostname and redirect CSVsLearn how to export your source hostname and redirect CSVs from your account.
Configuring your DNS for URL redirectsLearn how to change the A or CNAME record for the domain you're trying to redirect.
What is hostname verification?Follow these steps to verify the ownership of your hostname.
What is a CNAME record?Learn about CNAME records and when you should use one.
What is an A record?Learn about what an A record is and why you'd use one.
What is a TXT record?Learn about TXT records and how you use them with EasyRedir.
Automatic and manual SSL/TLS certificatesLearn how securing your redirect traffic is painless, and our flexible options.
How to manage your API credentialsUtilize the EasyRedir Public API documentation for a deep integration into your custom business processes.
Why isn't my SSL certificate working?Learn about the issues that may affect the management of your SSL certificates.
Using UTM campaign parameters for trackingEasyRedir works great with UTM campaign parameters and allows you to track where visitors were referred from.
What is a domain apex?Learn about what a domain apex (also called a zone apex or naked domain) is and why it matters.
Understanding your account redirects CSV exportLearn how to make sense of your redirects CSV export.
Understanding your account source hostnames CSV exportLearn how to make sense of your source hostnames CSV export.
How do I set up my SAML single sign-on (SSO) provider?Learn how to enable single sign-on with your identity provider using SAML.
How to create an import-ready CSVLearn how to get started with importing redirects into your account.