EasyRedir enables you to export the redirects in your account as a CSV file for backup or migration purposes. This article will help you understand the contents of that file.


There are 5 columns in the CSV export and it contains a header row for your reference. The columns are:

  • type: The type of redirect (either 301 for a permanent redirect, or 302 for a temporary redirect)

  • sources: A list of URLs that are being redirected. If there are multiple source URLs in this redirect group they will be separated with three pipe characters (e.g. |||)

  • target: The target URL that the source URLs are being redirected to.

  • forward_path: This column will be true if the path part of the URL is being forwarded to the target URL, and false if it is not.

  • forward_params: This column will be true if query parameters from visits to the source URLs should be forwarded to the target URL.

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