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Managing URL redirects
Using search to find your redirects
Using search to find your redirects

Take full advantage of our search feature to find the exact redirect you're looking for.

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You can search for the URL redirects you want to manage by either the source or target URL, or search for hostnames you have redirects configured on.

You'll find a search bar at the top of the panel of results on any of these pages. Each search bar will call out what you're searching for, so looking at the example above, we know we're searching the source URLs because it says "Search source URLs".

You can search by any of the following information on both the Source URLs and Target URLs page:

  • a hostname that redirects are configured for

  • a part of a path without the hostname

  • an exact match of a full URL

On the Source Hostnames page, you can search for any part of a hostname or an exact match.

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