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Understanding the analytics/redirects view
Understanding the analytics/redirects view

Learn how your audience is using your configured redirects.

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Just getting started? Be sure to check out our Introduction to analytics help page for an overview of common features you'll find on all analytics views.

The redirects view will show you how many requests your configured redirects are receiving.

By clicking on the ellipsis menu next to each redirect metric, you can choose to view the redirect overview information, view the source URLs for this redirect, edit the redirect or delete the redirect, all right from the analytics view. This feature ensures that you’re able to quickly make changes based on the newly uncovered information.

The redirect also links directly to the source URLs page.

(traffic without configured redirect) is shown if we received traffic for a URL that has no redirect configured.

(redirect was deleted) is shown if the user has deleted the redirect.

If the hostname is in our system but does not match any of the configured redirects you would get the default no match found 404 response. You can also adjust the default no match action on the hostname according to your requirements.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out. We're happy to guide you further.

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