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Managing URL redirects
Managing URL redirects

In-depth articles on how to use the EasyRedir dashboard to manage your redirects.

16 articles
Understanding the source URLs viewLearn how to understand the source URLs list page.
Understanding the target URLs viewLearn how to understand the target URLs list page.
Understanding the source hostnames viewLearn how to understand the source hostnames list page.
Understanding how to use tagsLearn how to use tags to organize your account and categorize your redirects based on your business needs.
Understanding partial path matchingLearn how to use the partial path matching setting to get more of your audience where they need to go.
Understanding lost trafficLearn how to discover traffic you're losing and how to set up redirects to capture it.
Using search to find your redirectsTake full advantage of our search feature to find the exact redirect you're looking for.
How to sort redirect lists and search resultsLearn how changing the sort order of results can help you find what you're interested in quickly.
Source hostname settings and how to set your defaultsGet an overview of the source hostname settings available to you and how to set your default source hostname settings.
Understanding hostname security settingsLearn how to manage security related settings on source hostnames.
Understanding hostname match not found settingsLearn to manage how source hostnames respond when there is no match in EasyRedir for a requested URL.
Understanding your account historyLearn how to view who has done what within your dashboard for team transparency.
Understanding redirect matching settingsLearn about the options available on source hostnames that affect whether a request matches one of your redirect configurations.
How to remove a source hostnameLearn how to remove source hostnames from your account.
Generate and download QR codesHow to easily generate and download QR codes for any of your source URLs.
Team member types and managementLearn about the three types of team members and how to invite a new member to your organization