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Source hostname settings and how to set your defaults
Source hostname settings and how to set your defaults

Get an overview of the source hostname settings available to you and how to set your default source hostname settings.

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Source hostnames settings can be found through the source hostnames tab of your account on a per hostname basis. Editing your source hostname settings will provide you with three categories that can be updated to fit your organization's needs.

The three sections available are redirect matching settings, match not found actions, and security settings. These sections are also able to be updated and applied as default settings through the source hostname defaults section of your settings tab.

Redirect Matching Settings

Within each source hostname there are options available that affect whether a request matches one of your redirect configurations. These settings are based around case sensitivity on paths and query parameters, along with ending forward slashes on paths.

To learn more about redirect matching settings, the full help article can be found here.

Match Not Found Action

Match not found settings will tell your source hostnames how to respond when there is no match in EasyRedir for a requested URL. There are 2 main types of responses we can send which include a not found (404) response or a redirect (301 or 302) response.

To learn more about these responses and the settings included within each, check out the full help article here.

Security Settings

Hostname security settings help to enhance the security of your web presence and ensure organizational compliance.

A full overview of the settings that can be updated can be found here.

Source hostname defaults

All of the previously mentioned settings can be automatically applied to all new source hostnames through the source hostname defaults section of your settings tab. The settings will not be retroactively applied to source hostnames that are already in your account.

To update the settings go into your settings tab, click on source hostname defaults where you will be brought to a defaults page that looks similar to your source hostname settings. Mark off each setting that you would like applied to all new source hostnames and save changes in each section.

Moving forward, all new source hostnames will have these settings applied. Once the new hostnames have their default settings applied, you can edit the settings on a source hostname level if desired. All of the default source hostname settings will remain turned off until you enable them yourself.

If you have any questions about hostname settings or setting your defaults, just get in touch and we would be happy to help.

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