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Managing URL redirects
Generate and download QR codes
Generate and download QR codes

How to easily generate and download QR codes for any of your source URLs.

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In order to work with EasyRedir for your URL redirects and QR code generation and downloading, you need to ensure that these prerequisites are met.

The embedded link in a QR code cannot be changed once generated because it is buried in the code itself. It is important to use URL redirection to ensure customers are taken to the correct content. It is impossible to change the codes on all print media that has shipped, so it is important to point the QR code to a domain name you own and control, and then redirect that to wherever you want the customer to end up.

EasyRedir offers a QR code generator, that point to a specific URL which can then be managed and redirected easily. You can then change the target URL for your QR code whenever you want.

Step 1: Create a Redirect

Sign up and create a redirect for the QR code that you want to build.

Step 2: Generate the QR Code

Generate a QR code for the source URL of the newly created redirect in your dashboard by clicking the ellipsis next to the source URL and selecting view QR code.

Step 3: Download the QR Code

You can download QR code in a format appropriate for your needs (PNG or SVG).

You can change where the redirect forwards to at any time by editing the redirect and adjusting the target/destination URL.

If you have any questions for us at EasyRedir regarding QR codes, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're happy to help.

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