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Source and target URLs explained
Source and target URLs explained

Learn what source and target URLs are and how to manage them.

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In the EasyRedir dashboard, you can quickly create a redirect by adding your Source URLs and Target URLs. 

Source URLs

Source URLs are the URLs that you want EasyRedir to redirect on your behalf. You must be able to modify the DNS for all Source URL hostnames you want EasyRedir to redirect for you. You can enter multiple URLs each separated by a new line. You can also include paths and query parameters after the domain name.

If you would like EasyRedir to redirect both the domain apex and the www subdomain for a specific domain name you must add them both into the Source URLs box.

Target URL

The Target URL is where we'll redirect anyone who accesses the Source URLs you configured in your EasyRedir dashboard. For your Target URLs you can include paths and add query parameters if you want to track conversions using analytics services (e.g. Google Analytics).

You can also configure your advanced settings per redirect for things such as permanent or temporary redirect, whether we forward the paths (URIs) to the destination and whether you are forwarding query parameters to the destination. This is useful if you’re doing UTM campaign tracking for digital marketing.

What's Next?

After setting up your redirect you'll need to configure the DNS record for the domain you want to redirect. Each provider is different, but we've compiled a list of links for various providers to show you how to do it.

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