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How to remove a source hostname
How to remove a source hostname

Learn how to remove source hostnames from your account.

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EasyRedir automatically creates source hostnames for you when you set up redirects. When you adjust your hostnames DNS settings to point to our redirection engine, we automatically detect that and lock that hostname to your organization account so that other people can't create redirects on your hostname.

If you no longer wish to use a given hostname with EasyRedir, you can remove all the source URLs that are hosted on it and then release it from your organization.

In order to remove the hostname, these two conditions must be met:

  1. The hostname must have no source URLs configured on it.

  2. You must modify the DNS of the hostname so that it no longer points to EasyRedir's redirection engine.

Quickly Delete all Source URLs

You can very quickly delete all source URLs from a hostname individually or in bulk. To delete all source URLs from the individual hostname view page you can use the option from the Actions menu.

To delete all the source URLs from many hostnames at once, you can use the search options to find the source hostnames you wish to clear, check the individual hostnames you wish to clear, and then select the appropriate option from the Actions menu.

Unlock and Release Source Hostnames

Once there are no source URLs on a hostname it can be removed from your account. As a reminder, only hostnames that do not point to EasyRedir can be removed. The hostname will turn from green to yellow and a DNS warning once this has been detected by our systems. You can select Refresh DNS information on your hostnames to make this happen quicker if you recently deactivated the DNS.

Once your DNS is deactivated you can select Unlock & release hostnames on the same pages as you deleted your source URLs (shown above). Once this is done the hostnames will disappear from your source hostnames view and they will be available for other organizations to use.

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