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Managing URL redirects
Understanding how to use tags
Understanding how to use tags

Learn how to use tags to organize your account and categorize your redirects based on your business needs.

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How to tag redirects

Tags can be applied and viewed through the redirect creation page, source or target URL views, and the source and target redirect group view. We have outlined details for each below.

Tags in the redirect creation page

When creating a new redirect, or editing an already created redirect, you are provided with the option to add a tag during the step of configuring your advanced settings.

From this page, you are able to add an already created tag to your redirect group, or add a new tag to your redirect group by typing your desired tag into the tags field and pressing enter on your keyboard.

Tags in the source and target URL views

Tags can be viewed by redirect group through the source and target URL views found through the redirects tab in your dashboard. Using this view will give you a broad overview of the tags being used on your redirects and is the view that you can use to bulk tag.

Selecting redirects to tag

You can tag redirects through this view by clicking on the boxes beside the redirect you would like to select, clicking on actions, then tag your selected source/target URLs.

This will tag your source URLs on a redirect group basis which means every source URL in the grouping, along with the target URL will have the same tag applied.

The number of displayed rows can be updated to show 25/50/100 rows by clicking on the row display. If you would like to bulk tag a large number of redirects we recommend choosing 100 rows at a time. You are also able to adjust the sort order as needed where URL from A-Z is shown on the left of the search bar.

Tagging your selected redirects

Once you have selected to tag your redirects, you are provided with all of your current tags along with the option to manage your tags.

Checking off the empty grey box will indicate you would like to add tags to your selected redirects. You are also able to remove tags from your redirects through this view by unchecking the boxes. Click apply.

Within this view, a green check mark means that every redirect you have selected is using that tag, while a green dash means that only some redirects have the tag applied.

Adding a tag from the apply/remove view

If you search for a tag that does not exist you will be presented with the option to create a new tag.

Once you have clicked ''create it'', the new tag will appear. You can then select the tag, click apply and it will be applied to the previously selected redirects.

Tags in the source and target redirect group views

When you want a closer look at each redirect's tags, you can view them through the redirect group page by clicking on the redirect directly in the source or target URLs view.

From this page you are able to add, remove and create tags on a per redirect group basis. When you click to add a tag you will be provided with a list of tags attached to your organization. You can select a previously created tag or continue typing and press enter on your keyboard to create a new tag. Clicking on the X beside the tag will remove that tag from the redirect.

Searching for tags on redirects

To quickly search for redirects with a specific tag you can use the search bar or click directly on a tag in the source or target URL view.

Note: Tags are case sensitive, although when using any search functionality all versions of casing will appear.

Using the search bar

When using the search bar, begin to type your tag name and select the tag that applies. This search functionality allows you to search and add multiple tags to filter by.

Clicking on a tag

When searching for tags by clicking on a tag, you are limited to clicking on one tag at a time. You can still search for a tag to add another tag to filter by.

Managing your tags

Owner, Admin and Standard team member roles are able to manage the tags for an organization through the tags tab under settings.

The manage tags page has the ability to filter by your desired parameter and set the number of rows per page.

Edit or delete a tag

Through this manage tags page you are able to edit and delete tags through the ellipsis menu.

You can also bulk delete by selecting the boxes, clicking on actions and choosing ''remove selected tags''.

Add a tag

You can add tags through the add a tag button in the manage tags view.

You will be brought to a new page where you can type in your tag and click add tag. This tag will now be available for you to apply to your desired redirects.

Created column

The created column will show you the time frame that the tag was created in.

Created by column

The created by column will show you who created the tag.

Redirect column

The redirect column will show you the number of redirect groups that the tag has been applied to. If the number is greater than zero it will be hyperlinked. When you click on the hyperlink, you will be taken to the list of redirects that the tag is being used on in the source URL view.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out. We're happy to guide you further.

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