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Understanding your account history
Understanding your account history

Learn how to view who has done what within your dashboard for team transparency.

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Your account history tab can be found in the menu of your dashboard. Account history will show you all changes that have been made within your account, for up to 365 days. It is available on applicable plans.

The account history table

The account history table gives you a broad overview of the activities in your account. You are able to adjust the date range, update the number of rows shown and change your sort order from this view.

Adjusting the date range

Account history's default date range is set to the last 7 days. You can adjust the date range by clicking on the preset date range. The date can be adjusted to a preset date range (7/30/90 days, this/last month) or a custom date range defined by you within the calendar.

Updating rows and paging through results

By default, 25 rows of account history will be shown. To change to 50 or 100 rows, click on the row display and select your preferred number of rows. Navigate through the results pages using the controls shown.

Change your sort order

Control the sort order of your account history by clicking on the newest created in the top right of your account history table. You can sort by the newest/oldest created as well as by users in alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order.

Search account history

Use the search bar to search for account history events. You can search by team member, the redirect of an actioned item, the hostname of an actioned item, or if a tag was created/applied.

The search can be reset using the reset search button on the right of the search bar.

Filter account history by tags

Each team member type has a tag associated with it (team, easyredir-task, api). You can use the search functionality to filter your events by these tags by clicking on the search bar and beginning to type in your tag. Once you see the tag you would like to filter by in the drop down, select it to only show results that match that tag.

Tags can be reset by clicking on the reset search button on the right of the search bar.

Information viewable in the account history table

Your account history table will give you information broken down into four columns. The team member who made the change, the actioned item, the action that was taken and the device where the change was made. To get more details on the changes made you can click anywhere on the row.

The team member column

The team member column will tell you if a team member, the EasyRedir system, or the API were responsible for an account update. This will be represented by displaying:

  1. The team member's name along with a team tag

  2. A scheduled job with a easyredir-task tag

  3. The name of the API key the change was made from with an api tag

This column will also show you how long ago the change was made.

The actioned item column

The actioned item column will show you the type of item that was actioned (eg. redirect, hostname, certificate, etc.), along with the item that was actioned.

The action taken column

The action taken column will have an icon that indicates the change that was made, along with a short description of the action that was taken, or if there were multiple changes made.

The device column

The device column will contain the browser that the user made the change from, along with the IP address and operating system.

Viewing an event in detail

To view an account history event in more detail, you can click anywhere on the row you would like to learn more about.

Once you are in the detailed account history event page you will be able to view the actioned item and be provided with a direct link to that item. The user and device will be displayed again, and you will have access to the full date and time the change was made. Your change details will show the previous state and current state of the change, if applicable.

The activity bar on the right side will show you all of the changes that have been made on that specific item, along with a brief description of the time of change and action taken.

If you have any questions about our account history feature, we would be happy to help.

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